Ace of the Service Made by Thomas Beatty and Rebecca Fishman

Ace of the Service
BLOG: Scouting

We had a great scout in Wonder Valley yesterday. So exciting to be out there with our amazing DP and producer talking through scenes and setting up shots. It makes TB feel real in a whole new way. My wife and I switched sides of the bed for for our week in the desert. Back home last night I tossed and turned and almost fell on the floor. I smelled the desert in my sleep and expected to wake up to that harsh and singular light. But no– we were home. All I have to show for our magic week is chapped lips and photographs. I told our producer that I missed the desert. She said just wait until we start shooting out there. She’s right– by the end of this thing the desert may be less friend and more adversary. And yet we will be closer for it. #waxpoetic

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