Ace of the Service Made by Thomas Beatty and Rebecca Fishman

Ace of the Service



Hello two people who look at this site :)  It’s been a long time since I posted but it’s because I’ve been busy!  Teddy Bears is almost ready to meet the world and there will be some exciting news on that front soon.  I’m also working on a very exciting project with my mom (!).  After ten years of working incredibly hard she has her first movie in production ever!  So exciting.  The project we’re collaborating on involves another project.  I’m definitely not giving any hints!  All in all it has been a busy and exhilarating year.  We (Rebecca and I) also have another project in development with Jenn Westin our producing partner that we’re very excited about.  Sort of a Teddy Bears follow up.  We’re hoping you all can see Teddy Bears very soon.  Thanks for stopping by!


We are deep in post production on Teddy Bears which is my best excuse for not posting in so long. Everything is going amazingly well. We love our editor Eric Potter and are getting close to having a cut we feel good about. It’s interesting how much editing is like writing. There’s a lot of heavy lifting and then hopefully some luck and intuition at the end. I have really taken to this process and while making this movie is by far the hardest thing my wife and I have ever done, I can’t wait to do it again.


We have officially wrapped principal photography on Teddy Bears. It was a wild, exciting and incredibly fruitful shoot. The desert made us work hard for our movie and our hard work paid off. All of the dailies looked amazing and the cast and crew kicked an incredible amount of ass. I’m so proud of everyone and so honored to have worked with them. And now, we edit!