Ace of the Service Made by Thomas Beatty and Rebecca Fishman

Ace of the Service

Actually just two interviews with culture blogs from up in Seattle.  Both Chris from Another Rainy Saturday and Amie from Three Imaginary Girls were super nice.  Man, we really dug Seattle.


We got back Sunday night from the Seattle International Film Festival exhausted, excited and most of all grateful for Brad Wilke and everyone at the festival for such an incredible weekend.  We sold out both screenings and got an incredible response from the intelligent, engaged audiences.  We couldn’t have asked for a better premiere experience.  more »


Teddy Bears will be premiering in competition at the Seattle International Film Festival in the New American Cinema section. We couldn’t be more excited! If you’re in Seattle or just interested in the movie like us on Facebook to stay updated.


Hello two people who look at this site   It’s been a long time since I posted but it’s because I’ve been busy!  Teddy Bears is almost ready to meet the world and there will be some exciting news on that front soon.  I’m also working on a very exciting project with my mom (!).  more »


We are deep in post production on Teddy Bears which is my best excuse for not posting in so long. Everything is going amazingly well. We love our editor Eric Potter and are getting close to having a cut we feel good about. It’s interesting how much editing is like writing. There’s a lot of more »


We have officially wrapped principal photography on Teddy Bears. It was a wild, exciting and incredibly fruitful shoot. The desert made us work hard for our movie and our hard work paid off. All of the dailies looked amazing and the cast and crew kicked an incredible amount of ass. I’m so proud of everyone more »

It’s Official

Teddy Bears was announced today on and will be in the paper tomorrow. Yes– believe it or not they are still printing actual papers! We could not be more excited about the cast. They are amazing amazing amazing.


Not that I was ever diligent with posting, but even by my own low standards I’ve been a pretty bad friend to this site. The reason– PREP! We’re deep in prep for Teddy Bears, produced by the amazing Jennifer Westin and directed by me and my lovely wife Rebecca. It has already been an amazing, more »

BLOG: To Sundance

So, we decided to Sundance after all.  And I have to say it was totally worth it.  I just got back last night and I’m feeling excited and inspired by the whole experience.  While I can certainly understand why people long for the festival of yore and shake their heads at the huge industry parties more »

BLOG: Scouting

We had a great scout in Wonder Valley yesterday. So exciting to be out there with our amazing DP and producer talking through scenes and setting up shots. It makes TB feel real in a whole new way. My wife and I switched sides of the bed for for our week in the desert. Back more »

BLOG: Breakdowns

Not the car kind or the tissue kind.  The casting kind.  We got the breakdowns for TB this week and, hilariously, they were a bit like coverage on the script.  In other words, there was a fair bit of editorializing about characters and their actions.  This is interesting because as a writer and as an more »

BLOG: To Sundance or Not To Sundance

And so begins my attempt to write a stream of consciousness blog post as for with seems to be how people maintain a blog.  Where’s my tea ohdamn I left it in the bathroom.  What time is that call again?  Ohyeah3.  I wish France Mouthcrop was on the radio today.  Man this is tedious even more »

BLOG: Congrats to Adam!

My tennis and Chinese food buddy Adam Chanzit’s indie 3 Nights In The Desert just started shooting. I’m very excited for him! Also because this is the budget/location of Teddy Bears, my indie project. In Adam’s words “let’s make it a double feature!


My soon-to-be wife is featured today on Daily Candy’s Wedding Guide. She is a remarkable photographer of all things and it’s exciting that everyone in the wedding world is taking notice.  She has a unique ability to make pictures feel like the events they are recording.  It’s very cinematic.  Yay my lady!


First off, I am literally the last person in the universe to start a blog and it turns out I’m not very good at it. The good news is I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t had time to write anything worth posting. The bad news is for the 0.1 percent of one person more »


I finally got around to seeing Midnight in Paris tonight and found it to be a lovely film. I found myself picturing Woody Allen’s chlid-like face as he stares up at a black and white filled screen (I think the specific image is from Manhattan). I found myself thinking of Purple Rose of Cairo, which more »


So i took my brand spanking new website out for a drive today. I looked at it on someone else’s computer. I sent it around to family. I googled it.  What I mean is, I googled myself. Not for the first time of course, but for the first time in a long time. And I more »


I’m rewatching Trouble In Paradise tonight in preparation for an idea Matt and I want to pitch.  It is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Like many before me, I could spend pages praising Lubitsch and Raphaelson.  The dialogue is effortless poetry.  The comedy, totally fresh and original.  The old “Lubitsch” touch takes more »


I had an interesting meeting with a casting director friend yesterday regarding TEDDY BEARS. Anytime you can save money on a microbudget you have to consider it seriously so the first thought was not to hire a casting director at all. We have plenty of talented friends, why not just use them? And yet with more »


Welcome to my new site!  After much consideration I decided to build a wordpress site myself so that I could update and reformat it quickly based on my changing needs.  This is the first site I’ve built so please please let me know if anything isn’t working.  After a period of initial frustration it’s actually more »