Ace of the Service Made by Thomas Beatty and Rebecca Fishman

Ace of the Service

Not that I was ever diligent with posting, but even by my own low standards I’ve been a pretty bad friend to this site. The reason– PREP! We’re deep in prep for Teddy Bears, produced by the amazing Jennifer Westin and directed by me and my lovely wife Rebecca. It has already been an amazing, crazy ride and we’re still a week out from shooting. Casting alone was like having a wedding everyday with the possibility of the caterer not showing up but then the caterer does and it’s the best food ever! We are so excited. We’ve almost closed all the deals and then we will post our unbelievably great cast on the TB site and Facebook page. I want to be keeping a record of the experience of directing our first feature but not sure where the home for that should be. I will certainly post here once I know where you can follow us day to day. Yay!

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